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At LFM, we desire to see everyone CONNECT with God to experience a transformed life and love Jesus.


STEP 1: Just said 'Yes" to Jesus? 

NOW WHAT? is a one week introductory study of the Gospel of John. Then a Mentor will help you in an 8-weeks journey as a NEW BELIEVER into your new life.

Click Here To Sign Up For NOW WHAT?

STEP 2: We demonstrate we have started in this new life by baptism.

Click Here To Sign Up For Baptism.


Grow in grace and in knowledge (2 Peter 3:18)

Every living organism grows and your spiritual life is no different. 
Disciples Connect (DC) groups exist to create the community to foster that growth. Click for more information.
Growth U. provides the knowledge to allow you to go even deeper in your walk with Christ. Click for more information.
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LFM encourages the active sharing of one's faith in response to Jesus' command to make disciples. This fulfills LFM's vision of the church that is intentional in winning the lost, and passionate in making disciples who are equipped to win and disciple others. 


What better way to connect and grow than by serving others. LFM provides multiple ways that you can serve the community and our church family. Click here to sign up to serve.

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