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A 7-yr old's Miraculous Prayer

Aryah's prayer seemed like the typical, funny mistake you would expect from a 7-yr old. She echoed these words as she prayed for another child who was celebrating her 10th birthday later that week. What Aryah couldn't have known is that 10 years ago that girl's birth was in fact a miracle. At a time when that girl's mother had given up hope in having a child, and belief in God, she found out she was pregnant. That news was followed by a death sentence. But God intervened. The mom was given two choices. She chose to go for an ultrasound with a second doctor where she found out her baby was living. Over the course of her pregnancy the enemy tried, but he failed. Surrounded by a village of praying people, young Kaylyn survived beyond her mom's preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and very little amniotic fluid in the sac. So yes, we join with Aryah's prayer and we say, "Thank you God for making Kaylyn survive." She survived being born 2 months early and the restrictions that kept her mom from moving or holding her for her first 48 hours.

He speaks through and to our children. God is Sovereign, and sometimes we become complacent and take His Sovereignty for granted, sometime we were reminded of in a recent LFM Kidz Zoom meeting. God speaks to us through what we can see, in this case 7-yr old Amarah, so it is undeniable that it is truly him.

God has lent us His children and as parents it is our duty to make sure they get a chance to build a relationship with Him to ensure they will have a solid foundation when the world tries to read them apart.

Finally, God is alive and well today, just as He was millions of years ago. He is unchanging - the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He did miracles thousands of years ago, ten years ago, and He is still doing them today.

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